Crispy chicken wings with piri piri or bbq sauce £6.95

Soup of the day served with a crusty roll £5.95

Haddock and spring onion fishcake with a sweet chilli sauce £7.50

Creamy garlic mushrooms served with buttered granary bread (V) £6.95

Crispy duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce £7.95

Classic prawn cocktail with granary bread £7.95

Bread and olives served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (V) £6.50

Crispy coated whitebait served with garlic mayonnaise £7.95


Pub favourites

Homemade Blacksheep beer battered fish and chips £15.95

Whitby scampi £14.50

Grilled cod fillet with lemon butter and cracked black pepper £15.95

Grilled chicken breast burger served with chips and salad and creamy mayo £13.95 (Add bacon £1/ Add stilton £1)

Wensleydale double cheese burger served with chips and salad £13.95 (Add bacon £1/ Add stilton £1)

Barbecue pulled pork burger £12.95

12” Wensleydale sausage £13.95

Cold home cooked ham served with egg or pineapple £13.95

Home made pie of the week with a short crust pastry top £13.95

Chilli con carne with rice and salad £12.95

Wheatsheaf curry served with rice, naan and mango chutney £13.95

Homemade lasagne served with chips and salad £12.95

From the grill

12oz Grilled gammon served with egg or pineapple £16.95

10oz Sirloin Steak with onion rings, mushrooms,

and tomatoes £23.95

 Butterflied chicken breast served with a creamy mushroom and parsley sauce £14.95

Tandoori chicken kebab, served with coriander, mint yoghurt and chips £14.95


Chilli sin carne (V/Vegan) £12.95

Vegetable lasagne (V) £12.95

Barbecue lentil and mixed seed burger served with chips and salad (V) £12.95 (Add stilton or cheddar £1)

Glamorgan vegetarian sausages (V) £12.95


ham, cheese, prawn, served with chips, new potatoes or a crusty roll £12.95


Chips                           £3.50                                                                                      

Onion rings                 £3.50                                      

Garlic bread                £3.50                                      

Peppercorn sauce        £2.50  

Sweet chilli Sauce       £2.50

Stilton Sauce               £2.50                          

Desserts £7.50

Sticky toffee pudding

Cheesecake of the day (please ask for today’s choice)

Jam or syrup sponge (served warm)

Warm chocolate brownie

Crème Brule

Banoffee sundae

Trio of Wensleydale ice creams (ask for flavours) (GF)

(All served with either, cream, custard or vanilla ice cream)

Assortment of cheeses and biscuits £10.50


LUNCH MENU Served between 12-2.30pm

Sharing platter: chips; onion rings; scampi; chicken goujons, garlic bread and salad £19.95

Soup of the day served with a warm crusty roll £5.95

 Jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings:

Chilli £9.95

Curry £9.95

Beans £9

Cheese £9

Cheese and bacon £9.50

Prawn £9.95

Tuna £9.50

Cheese and beans £9.50

Sandwiches served on white or brown bread with a salad garnish and crisps:

Prawn mayo £8.95

Tuna and cucumber £8.50

Cheese and tomato £8

Home cooked ham £8.5

Egg mayo and cress £8

Open crusty melts: white rustic open sandwiches served with salad and crisps - all £9.95:

Bacon, brie and cranberry (Veg Option without the bacon)

Ham and cheese melt

Tuna and cheese melt

Cheese and onion melt


KIDS' MENU £7.95

Wensleydale Burger

Whitby Scampi

Chicken breast goujons


Fried eggs (GF)

Ham and egg (GF)


(All kids' dishes are served with either chips or potatoes, peas or beans)